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Chapter 927 Celestial City rural choke

"Ingredients? For which?" She required together eyebrows elevated.

Sometime in the future, Luo Ziyi taken away the concealment formation and remaining the Freezing Palace with Su Yang, and they made their approach to the closest teleport development.

Chapter 927 Celestial City

"Thank you so much. You need to provide us with a minute to make the teleport formation."

"I see… So have they claim anything?" Su Yang then inquired.

"I'm positive they'll think about one thing. I skepticism anything at all may prevent them from assembly you again."

"In this manner, they won't attract any awareness, and so they are able to connect with you. What do you think?"

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"Xiao Rong, you may type in my Dantian to conserve Ziyi some cash," he said to her while they have nearer to the teleport development.

"We have now the 100,000-12 months-classic Thunder G.o.d Vine," claimed the employee.

Su Yang nodded.

"100,000 large-grade heart stones." The person stated without reluctance. builder

As soon as she was inside of, she developed a concealment development surrounding the home before speaking, "Are you prepared?"

"100,000 substantial-level nature rocks." The guy stated without doubt.

"Thank you so much. Please provide us with a minute to arrange the teleport formation."

"100,000 higher-class nature gemstones." The person explained without doubt.

"Well… I can't really refuse for them when I've manufactured them suffer for two main thousand yrs. But wait, how would they visit me? I is a disciple on the Boundless Yin Yang Sect immediately after getting together with together with the G.o.d of Alchemy, and they're really rigid when it comes to attendees. Should they disguise their selves, there's no chance that they'll reach meet me." Su Yang said.

Su Yang nodded.

Now even she cannot tell he was in a disguise.

"Do you possess any one of these ingredients?" Su Yang showed the member of staff a summary of compounds.

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"Xiao Rong, you can enter into my Dantian to conserve Ziyi money," he stated to her when they have closer to the teleport development.

"Feed on this. They're Perfect Change Products it'll cover up your disguise much better than whatever you decide and are using now."

"To Jade Paradise, the G.o.d of Alchemy's birthplace," he explained.

Following coming into the teleport growth, they exited in Celestial City, the capital city with the Ruan Province and in addition one of several most well known cities around the Celestial Paradise.

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Su Yang didn't immediately offer a solution and made to view Luo Ziyi. After all, she was the main one paying off everything.

"Components? For which?" She questioned along with her eyebrows raised.

Once they had been within the teleport growth plus it was their switch, Su Yang said to that old man performing the formation, "Ruan Region, Celestial Location."

"As much as I want to fulfill them, they'll catch the attention of a lot attention…" Su Yang demonstrated a bittersweet grin on his experience.

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"Thanks a lot. You need to provide us with one minute to arrange the teleport development."

"I see… So managed they say nearly anything?" Su Yang then asked.

"Eat this. They're Faultless Alteration Tablets it'll cover your conceal far better than whatever you decide to are using now."

Su Yang well-accepted on the list of pills and immediately enjoyed it. Although his visual appearance didn't transformation afterward, there have been some small changes to his aura.

Section 927 Celestial City

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A few minutes later on, Su Yang and Luo Ziyi entered the teleport structure.

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Luo Ziyi then gone upstairs and knocked on his space.

Xiao Rong nodded and entered his Dantian the next occasion.