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Xur, or the Exotic Weapon and Armor vendor in Destiny 2, is a mysterious figure who sells exotic weapons and armor for players to use in their game. Xur's inventory changes every week, so players need to check back weekly to see what he has for sale.

Xûr comes and goes freely, his strange curios eagerly sought by adventurous Guardians. ― In-game description

Gameplay: Xur is a vendor on Destiny who sells exotic weapons, exotic armor, engrams, Exotic Shards, and consumables for Strange Coins and Motes of Light.

He appears in different locations. Possible Xur Locations: EDZ, The Winding Cove, Nessus, Watcher's Grave and The Tower, Hangar every Friday at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST and 10:30 IST

The Nine Agent fades every Tuesday at reset and won't return until next Friday.

Where is Xur in Destiny 2? Track Xur Location every Friday with Xur Location

Xur Dialogue:

  • "An end will come, we will be there."
  • "Bodies come and go, but only cells remember. And if we forget, the Nine remember for us."
  • "But it was the Nine who gave us purpose, and it was the Nine who made us whole."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "I am filled with secrets, but you would not understand them."
  • "We came from the dust, and burrowed into flesh for warmth, and became… something new."
  • "I do not entirely control my movements."
  • "I do not know what the Nine want with you."
  • "I hope to be here again."
  • "I may be here."
  • "I may be here when you return."
  • "If I am here, it is The Nine that sent me."
  • "Items belong to The Nine, not me."
  • "My function here is to trade. I know this."
  • "My movements are not entirely predictable, not even to me."
  • "My will, is not my own."
  • "Please."
  • "So lonely here."
  • "The deep black is many things, but never lonely."
  • "The Nine show you these."
  • "The Nine wish to speak to you."
  • "There are no birds where I come from. The things that fly are like shadows."
  • "There is something within me, that wishes to connect."
  • "These inner worlds are very strange."
  • "This is but one end."
  • "You walk among them."
  • "My movements, to a significant degree, are dependent on planetary alignments."
  • "There is so much Light here, I suppose I feel pain."
  • "That is my will, to speak to you."
  • "Your The Traveler has a dark mirror."
  • "The Nine are very large... I cannot explain. The fault is mine."
  • "It is very possible The Nine intend to help Humanity."
  • "Each mote of dust tells a story of ancient Earth."
  • "I understood my mission when the Nine put it in me. Now, I cannot articulate it."
  • "I came for the light perhaps... to understand The Traveler's Light."
  • "There is no reason to fear me."
  • "I feel a great many consciousnesses impinging on mine. And all of them so small and lonely."
  • "What sort of thing are you?"
  • "It is for your happiness."
  • "Do not be alarmed, I have no reason to cause you harm."
  • "I have information. I do not yet know if you are the one it is meant for."
  • "You are the one I was sent to find."
  • "I...cannot endure long in this place."
  • "Guardian."
  • "I have told you what I can."
  • "An end is here."
  • "Some of the cells of this body began on this world… how strange to return."
  • "May we speak?"

Destiny 2

  • "I returned to the Tower to find it abandoned."


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