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Chapter 2131 - Oh, Is That So? watch seemly

Ye Yuan’s palm repelled a couple of terrific peak position six dragons!

But seeing and hearing the next one half, everyone could not assist finding it interesting.

World Dragon Claw thirdly stance, Lavish Universe Palm!

In fact, anyone realized regarding the might on the Dragon Clan.

For her, Ye Yuan did not even stint to utilize the Heaven Shocking Super.

When Prolonged Hao observed his father’s sound, he could not help staying overjoyed.

The environment ended up deathly noiseless. This guy was a lunatic!

With the side, a small mankind said, “Human brat, you dare to behave extremely within my Dragon Clan’s territory? Forget about Very long Hao. Otherwise … you’re old without a doubt now!”

“This Ye recently arrived at your esteemed property. I don’t would like to carry problems to me personally. The three individuals, kowtow and admit your problem to Lu-er and Senior Apprentice Sibling Fei-er, and that make a difference … shall be fallen,” Ye Yuan completely neglected the other special event and said coolly.

Another two people, Prolonged Fei and Long Cheng, had been also both Raindragon Stronghold’s elders’ grandsons.

All people opened their mouths extensive with disbelieving confronts.

Longer Hao roared and suddenly threw a palm out.

One more Grand World Palm!

Prolonged Cheng was lifeless!

Sooner, Ye Yuan just relied on his rate and defeated his challenger by using a surprise switch, controlling Lengthy Hao. Which had been all.

A horrifying strength obtained at Ye Yuan’s palm.

Lu-er was Ye Yuan’s reverse size.

His show fleshy body’s sturdiness already arrived at maximum rank 6. How great was his power?

Extended Fei and Long Cheng’s tendencies had been also extremely rapidly, firing out a palm at the same time.


Less than their fascination, the two of these became available to have a look early each day.

He looked over Ye Yuan with a appearance of astonishment and reported in disbelief, “You … Can you be sure the Huge Universe Palm?”

Saboteurs on the River

Ye Yuan’s gaze was icy-chilly and was completely disinclined to worry with him.

A tremendous push came in excess of. Lengthy Hao sensed like his throat was going to be twisted off, his deal with flus.h.i.+ng bright red, sight moving lower back.

Then, he slowly walked above toward Extended Hao.


is so? I gave the likelihood, it was subsequently you who didn’t understand it by yourself! Because that’s the fact, go and perish then!”

These three people’s backgrounds were extremely impressive. Who dared to provoke?

“Child, you dare?! End right away! This Empyrean will extra your lifetime!” An alarmed and upset voice has come from across the void.

Before, Ye Yuan just used his pace and beaten his rival by using a astonish proceed, managing Prolonged Hao. Which had been all.

Ye Yuan claimed nonchalantly, a palm lifting up again.

is that so? I gifted the likelihood, it was subsequently you who didn’t grip it your self! Given that that’s the fact, go and die then!”

When Prolonged Hao noticed his father’s tone of voice, he could not assistance being overjoyed.

Now, this Very long Hao actually provoked in his experience in this way, how could he not really furious?


Now, Prolonged Hao acquired his defend up, every person failed to believe he experienced substantial probabilities of earning.

A horrifying energy obtained at Ye Yuan’s palm.